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Jenny JC dancer, model, host, fashionista, act

is not just a NAME, but a BRAND, and a talented CREATIVE!

Jenny JC is a multi-talented and creative entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada. She is currently pursuing some of her passions and dreams with work varying as a Model, Dancer/Instructor, and YouTuber (amassing over 21K+ YouTube subscribers).
Jenny JC is an overall passionate performer and entertainer.

Jenny JC has vast experience in many of the fields that she confidently claims, and therefore is not new to the world of entertainment. She has been fortunate enough to be given the opportunities to further establish some of her multi-talents, through national and international TV/movie screens and continues to establish her brand.
She originally began her journey as a dancer and later on became a model. She always loved dancing from elementary school, everyday at recess from the young age of 8 years old. Despite having moved around a lot, she was able to join some after school programs for dance and gymnastics for a short time. She continued to dance wherever she could, whether it was at school performances, community shows, concerts, etc. Dancing is a natural talent and passion for her.

For Jenny JC around 16 years old, she was first approached by a scout to model for the large retailer Sears, after confirming it was legit she refused to pursue that opportunity. She felt she wasn't ready to be a model just yet. Later on, she was approached by other scouts/companies to model and yet again she turned them down.

After a while, she then realized that maybe it's worth a try. Then by chance in school some designers asked her to model some of their clothing, and that's where modelling really began for her. Not long after, more brands were reaching out and interested in having Jenny as a model.
With a vivacious personality and exotic look that has continually set her apart, Jenny JC has been featured on various outlets such as on TV whether live or pre-recorded (ABC, MTV, BET, SPACE), movie screens (Kick Ass 2, Total Recall), and been in numerous music videos (Rihanna, Sean Paul, Alkaline).

Jenny has modelled for brands (ADIDAS, MAC Cosmetics, New Era) and been featured in various fashion shows (The Hudson Bay Company, 100 Miles, Big it up hats), performed as a dancer for brands, large scale concerts, and events (Sean Paul & Neyo, American Express, GUESS, Machel Montano). As well as been interviewed on radio stations (WBLK, FLOW), and featured on websites, blogs and in publications such as local magazines/newspapers (NOW magazine, The Toronto Sun, Eye weekly). 

Jenny JC definitely exudes charisma, individuality and uniqueness which in turns inspires and influences others. Her passion, creativity, flamboyant personality, and professionalism has not gone unnoticed, and is sought after by directors, photographers, artists, radio stations (interviews), magazines, TV shows and movies. She will continue to shine throughout her work, with efforts of creating something different each time.
Jenny JC is best known as a Dancer, Model, Host, Fashionista, and Youtuber. She also has experience as a host/interviewer, wardrobe stylist and fashion designer. Her ever-changing head-to-toe fashion choices can be quite different, or risqué, and/or creative but nonetheless, they always consist of a "Jenny JC touch"
Welcome to the lovely world of Jenny JC, where she continually sets herself apart from the rest! Thank you to everyone who has joined, hired, contributed to her journey and truly supports! 
Feel free to explore and for more information/book Jenny JC, please submit through the contact page.



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