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Hi, hi, and hi!!!

Yea, it was my birthday you guys!

Can I get a loud shoutout #TEAMNOVEMBER! lol

I could not of asked for a better birthday.

Not only did I get to celebrate once but I got to celebrate the whole darn weekend!

Yes, that means about 2.5 cakes (2 actual and then a 6 muffin cake- which I must say tasted awesome if heaven has a taste, that would be it LOL).

The whole weekend "I felt like a pig in sh*t" (that's a southern term-thanks dad), meaning very happy. I couldn't believe that I got to spend it with people I love and care about and who hold a special place in my heart from family, love ones, and friends.

I want to send my thanks to all my social media followers/sweeties (guys/girls). Some people I haven't spoken to or seen in forever, were sending me happy birthday wishes and that made me smile to know that they took a moment to shout me out. It's always nice to hear from them and see they are still alive and ok.

My outfit creation- Consists of 3 pieces, the tights, and the yellow top peeking out is a separate top it is not attached to the black and white one. Then I added a touch of dazzle to my shoulder and paired it with my neon booties (I got for a great price and they actually have great traction on the soles) and then mission complete TAA DAAA, birthday flyness outfit!

Truthfully, I am astounded by all the birthday love, wishes I have gotten. As years past (geez, I sound old), I feel like birthdays are getting kinda scary and the mileage is steadily increasing lol, but I'm told as long as I can do the things I enjoy then to just appreciate life and live it.

So if you were thinking it's kinda scary too, then I pass on the same good advice to you. Do things you enjoy and just learn to appreciate each day. Now, go be the best you can be! :D

Ok, so if I haven't said thank you enough, then here it is THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay awesome and I appreciate you all!

Bless you all!

Toodles, Jenny JC

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