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Happy Halloweeny!!

(Gotta give this pic a cheering kind of caption "Give me a A,a, you got your A, you got your A, you got your A! YAAAY!!! Pompoms going wild and shaking everywhere). LOL

Ok, good finally got that out my system.

Soooo, how you doin'?

Halloween is coming up you guys, I am busy as usual and halloween is a hectic time since it involves buying, creating costumes. I bought a few costumes this year lol.

I know others may think of Halloween as "glorifying death" and perhaps it is all about that, however I am not celebrating that part of it, but c'mon if ya know me I do like to dress up and stuff, I even got my own "tickle trunk" (Geez, who remembers Mr. Dress Up?!), I don't have the exact same red trunk but I do have those offputting blue coloured cheap plastic tubs from Walmart with various costumes.

Anywhoooo, here is my cheerleader costume pic and I decided to add the two pom

pom sticks onto my shoulder to add more ooomph and make it different of course! I swear, I suprise myself with my own creativity *add gloating moment face here for 3 secs haha.

Let's talk a little about the other parts of the outfit/costume shall we,

I wanna add that I am rocking the Converse wedges in black leather and they are soooo comfortable, the weight is a little heavy on the foot though (not for ninja stealth mode).

The earrings I had from beginning of this year, never wore still in packaging that I bought at a random shop. Guess what the freaking cost was! Not $20.99, not even $5.99 but $1.99 Canadian that's right, well with tax and minus the penny $2.25 LOL. I can't believe how these earrings just went with the costume so perfectly, even the shapes compliment the logo thingy on my stomach.

My hair, done by me an it's all natural no extensions in there, no donut thingy (can you believe I still don't know how to use that thing).

The bows on socks are actually hair ties but I just put a safety pin through both and attached it to the socks and voilà socks with bows.

P.S. Yes that is a real kick, I swear I can kick higher but like I said earlier, these converse are kinda heavy on the foot lol.

Thank you for reading and liking (if you have liked anything Jenny JC,

on any of the social media outlets).

Really truly appreciate you, thank you!

Have a happy halloween weekend!

I will be showing pics maybe some vids of my other costume choices, stay tunnnnnned on!

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Ok done bambling.


​Jenny JC

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