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Straight Outta Compton Movie...

What's up everybody?!

"Straight outta Compton," one of the most anticipated hip hop movies is out!

This is the first week of it's release and I got to watch it.

If you plan on going to watch it, you may want to arrive a bit early, there was a line up and I got there 30mins early.

I have to say it was very entertaining and I teared up more than once (yea, I really get into the moment lol). The main actors portrayed and looked the part, it was very well casted.

As everyone is saying, Ice Cube's son really did exceptionally well.

I'm glad that they made this movie and get to show the world how these fellas formed and conquered the hip hop world.

A few wise words/lessons many can take from this movie is to keep it real, be passionate, don't give up on your dreams, and mostly don't let money change you for the worst.

The movie was over 2 hours and to me it did not feel that way (perhaps cause I enjoyed each moment). Give this movie a 10/10.

Support this movie and go to theatres and see it!

RIP Easy E

Talk soon,

Jenny JC

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