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Salsafest 2015

Hi my loves!

So last week, I attended Salsafest and I believe it was my first time cause I really can't recall going any other year.

I arrived in the early evening and the weather was "perfecto," it was warm, sunny and the street was packed with people from different races but mostly (as you guessed) Latin/Spanish people lol.

There was lots of music playing, so many food trucks, tents, everyone trying to get their tasty foods to the masses for decent prices (I paid $3.00 for a chicken kebob skewer and I had 3 lol). Later in the day I had my lovely churros with caramel, so fresh and so good.

There were many tents that had dancefloors for salsa dancing and you can see couples and strangers getting together to dance, it was such a fun, and positive vibe.

Walking down the strip, some ladies (mothers, grandmothers and children) wanted pictures with me and I didn't mind and then some photographers wanted photos as well.

The colours I wore were red, white and blue and had a white star earring, and coincidentally it was fourth of July. Some people would think that I was rocking the colours for the USA, but there are many flags with those exact colours such as Chile, Cuba, etc. I was actually representing Cuba, and some people guessed it right.

If you have never been to Salsafest in Toronto before, you should perhaps go next time and get your "Salsa" on lol.

It was a fun filled day, the fact that Chile won in soccer made the streets even more festive with Chileans chanting "Chi, Chi, Le, Le, Chile, Chile..." Lol.

Gracias for reading and adios for now,

Jenny JC

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