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Happy Black History Month and Happy Chinese New Year!

Hi my loves!

Geez, the month of February is full of celebrations but yet it's the shortest month of the year! What's the deal with that though?!

Special occasions include Black History month, Chinese New Year, Carnival in Trinidad AND the lovely VALENTINE's day!

February is a great month full of celebrations, well that's if your festive and celebrate any of the aformentioned occasions. Otherwise you may dislike it all and assume it's just a bunch of bologna lol, hope you celebrate at least one fun occasion during the year and are not a total party pooper. :)

I, myself like to celebrate when I am able too, permitting that I have the time and energy. Since life can become a little redundant and boring, I feel that looking forward to some celebrations can help give life a little sparkle and excitement.

I will be making a video blog aka "vlog" soon like the one I have done many years ago regarding Black History and Chinese New Years one, however this time it shall be 1000 times better in quality (well at least I am hoping it will be) lol.

Hope you can stay tuned and check out the video(s), please feel free to sign up your email to be notified FIRST of any new Jenny JC things/videos/etc.

Also, please purchase your Jenny JC 2015 Calendars, I am still selling them as I am close to my goal for charity but not quite there yet and still need YOUR HELP. Each purchase will receive free small gifts (while quantities last).

Click on the "Sale" tab to make your purchase through the secure paypal processing system (you can use with your Interac account or credit card). All information is confidential.

Happy Black History Month! // Happy Chinese New Year! // to all my Trinis "paaaallaaance" lol & to everyone Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you very much for your support!

Love, Jenny JC

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