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Late Night Grocery Chronicles…

Hi lovebugs,

Welcome to the Late Night Grocery Chronicles.

Some of you may know me, or know of me, or whatever but I like to eat and shop for the most part.

I enjoy grocery shopping (on the days I feel motivated to go, of course), but there is something serene about grocery shopping in the earliest of morning e.g. 4-5am. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the late night air seems fresher, and brisk and I feel like my lungs are refreshed (I sound so poetic lol) but it's true. As I arrive at the 24 hour grocery store, I feel calm, relaxed and to myself but of course alert since the saying "freaks come out at night" ahaha well I may or may not be the exception.

I like looking at the flyer of the week and taking note of good bargains and then I pace myself and start off at produce and then bakery and then the canned goodness aisles then finishing with the frozen department.

I picked up a few things including a salad, cream cheese, asparagus (I LOVE IT), and cereal.


I would love to see you start this trend by using the tag #LateNightGroceryChronicles

It's for anyone and everyone aka "night owls out there" who shops around this time of night 12am-5am for groceries, please tag yourself and your basket of goodies.

I look forward to seeing your lovely faces, and groceries using the TAG!!


There will be random giveaways once this tag starts trending and gaining let's get started!

Toodles, Jenny JC

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