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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Hi there!

We would like to give special shoutouts to all those breast cancer survivors out there!

You don't know how truly special you are and how your courage to fight on has impacted other people's lives.

Some times, people change for the worse or for the better.

We hope that all of you have changed for the better and see it as a life obstacle that you have overcome or will overcome.

This month of October is dedicated to breast cancer awareness and with that said, everyone should know that MEN are susceptible to breast cancer as well.

So, let men you know that they should get check ups as well. It might be taboo for men and they may be reluctant to hear this because they don't have "breasts" but if you care about them, please let them know.

Here is a site about breast cancer for MEN (click link below, opens new window):

For WOMEN breast cancer:

To all the survivors and fighters out there!

Continue to get checkups and if you suspect anything out of the ordinary please keep track and let your doctor know.

Keep your head up and be strong!


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