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Toronto Caribana 2014

What's going on everyone!

What a busy weekend it has been indeed!

I swear August came so quick, I didn't anticipate that my weekend would be so hectic.

Now that it is pretty much over, I am totally pooped and my feet are throbbing from many hours in heels on various days! It was a no days off for me kind of weekend "eeeeeekkkks".

Can someone say foot massage pleaaaassseee :D

Here is a picture of my outfit on Caribana day, smile!

Call this one the "Emoticon Flyness" hehe

Which emoticon are you???

Hope all of you who attended Caribana this year are recovering lol.

My VLOG coming soon, stay tuned!

Don't forget to add meeee on...

Instagram/Twitter/Youtube- @MsJennyJC

Toodles, Jenny JC

Caribana 2014 copy.jpg

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