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Hi Loves,

How is your summer starting out?

In a good way I hope. :o)

I have been very busy but never forgot about you, I apologize if you feel a type of way.

Soooo...have you been keeping up with the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Who are you routing for?

Who's your first 3 choices and why?

Do you like the 2014 World Cup anthem "We are one"?

(I think it's quite catchy)

I have to say when it's World Cup season, people come together no matter age, gender, or where your representing. You will see all types of people watching together, and even though it's country vs. country there's still a unity that I can appreciate.

I like a few countries but I am swaying toward Brasil/Brazil to take all...

Let's see how my guess goes!

Overall, big ups to all the countries and players!!

May the world be united through the love of soccer.

Stay tuned for some new pics coming your way.

Talk to you soon,

-Jenny JC

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