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Hi my fly people!

So today is the day I (Jenny JC) am published in The Toronto Sun newspaper as Sunshine girl or as I say "Lil Miss Sunshine" hehe.

Well, let me say I was very nervous the night before because I had no clue how it would all turn out like if I'm going to look right, etc., I can be a bit of a "worrier" or "worry wart" or whatever you want to call it lol. But I hoped for the best and the next day (being today) it's official I was published online and on paper publication. I must say I'm stoked with the turn out.

I came up with the themes and put together the wardrobe from head to toe, I did my hair (kept it long flowy) and the makeup. The first series of pictures (on 1st page of newspaper) is the rollerskating look however in the physical paper you don't see the skates but if you view in the gallery you will see much more with the rollerskates.

(More pics to be posted on my site soon in the "photoshoot" section.)

Shoutout to the store My roll life, check em out for rollerskates! Tell the super cool Goldie, that Jenny JC sent ya. Also, Shoutout to Jack who was the photographer, pleasure to work with and more. I almost fell a couple of times on the rollerskates but we all just laughed it off hahah, it was a bit tricky for me to pose without rolling around. I can skate ok though, since I used to do inline back in the days. =)

The other picture (last page of newspaper) was the one with a marching band/soliderette inspired look. I'm glad they put that picture at the back because it's a strong finish type of look lol.

I want to give a big shoutout/thank you to Him up above the Almighty, as well as my grandfather (RIP, miss you everyday), my fam and my closest of friends, Jack B, Goldie (My roll life), and most of all YOU (my fans and ultimate supporters especially if your constantly checking up on me and staying tuned in).

ALSO, whoever else has spread the word about Jenny JC, and who bought a copy of the newspaper and even tuned in online (although nothing compares to having a physical paper to read -just my opinion) for supporting your girl Jenny JC.

I will be posting a clip of my reaction when I first saw the physical paper soon on my youtube channel (In case your worried, this link opens a new window- I personally like to be warned so I don't lose my spot on a site hahaha).

I am truly thankful for all of you (supporters and non supporters) and will continue to bring you some of my best creations so stay tuned, because you don't know what I will be up to next (at times I even surprise myself!).

Hope you enjoyed this publication!

Also, if you have a copy and would like an autograph please do let me know (I'm not expecting anyone to ask me, but thought I'd just put this out there and we can work something out to get ya autograph).


Hugs and kisses,

Jenny JC

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