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Hi gorgeous people!

I want to wish all my Asian persuasions a very Happy New Year!!

It's year of the Horse, may the year bring the best for all of you!

Just in case your not sure about year of the Horse (well there's the Western society horoscope which is determined by month of birth/dates eg. libra, taurus, scorpios, etc. and THEN there's the Chinese horoscope which is determined by what YEAR you were born and includes animals eg. Horse, dog, rat, etc.) If your curious just google your year and put Chinese horoscope and see what you are! It's something fun to do if your interested in the horoscope stuff. May you get good lucky money (red envelopes, y'all know what I'm referring too if you celebrate!).

To all my Black cultured family/friends I want to wish you all a Happy Black History Month!

Feels a bit weird to say "Black" because technically "black" isn't a race but then there are way to many countries to name under that category eg. Africa, Jamaica, etc. but I hope you know what I mean anyways. Let's take the time to learn and uplift each other about black role models who have helped paved the way for many of us. Hope all of you continue to inspire one another and be happy!

Love, Jenny JC

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