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Ho* Ho* Holidays are coming...

Hi all my snowflakes!

How are you all doin in this snowy cold weather?! :)

So the stress is here especially if you celebrate Christmas with gift exchanges, and most stressful if you are a last minute Christmas shopper!

Well, I've heard earlier this year people shopping WELL IN ADVANCE for gifts, which is quite smart but I find it hard to do myself. Also, giftcards are very convenient and easy for the hardest person to buy for. It's simple and you won't break the bank since most stores have reasonable amounts on giftcards or you can put any amount you wish for some stores.

So if you are stumped on what to get (especially if the person has everything or hasn't mentioned anything they want). Perhaps, get a giftcard for a mall or store that person would like or something like a gift basket full of things they would like.

Some people don't celebrate with gifts and that's ok too. A gesture with a nice card and spendng quality time would do just as well.

Be thankful for everyone and everything we have!

Good luck on your Christmas shopping!

Safe travels while these snowstorms brew upon us.

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