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Hi everyone,

Am I the only one??

You ever feel like it's more often than not nowadays when you want to just chill inside; rocking some outdated old pj's, hair all messy, and hibernate eating oreo cookies while watching something that requires no brain power?! LOL

Is my lethargic behaviour called the winter blues?

Cause I think I have winter blues (through self-diagnosis); the weather gets much colder, the trees have no leaves, the birds fly South, the sun goes down earlier, so it gets darker much quicker. I feel very blah, blaahhh and blaaahhhhhh and most of all sleepy!

I mean there are some days in the winter when outside looks beautiful and such but I really miss the Mr. Golden Sun.

I've heard some people are driven by the sun and perhaps I am one of those people.

I think I should get one of those desk lamps that emit some special light that can help alleviate the winter blues.

Anyways, hope all of you are well and overcoming the winter blues!

-Jenny JC

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