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Written by Jenny JC

November 9, 2013

If you've been hiding under a rock or blanket (the choice is yours).

Recently, our Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was suspected smoking "crack" (a cheaper modified form of cocaine that is mixed with baking soda).

Many citizens couldn't believe this rumour until Mayor Rob Ford confirmed by publicly announcing that he did smoke crack and apologized to all Toronto citizens.

After hearing this on the radio and other media outlets, Toronto citizens gave some of their opinions and it seemed like many were willing to forgive him with the reasonable logic that everyone makes mistakes. On the other hand, others opposed strongly saying he's not a good role model and how can Torontonians continue to have Rob Ford "the crackhead" as our Mayor?!

It seemed official that Toronto has been put on the global map as having a "crackhead" for a Mayor. The saying goes any publicity can be good. You can be the judge of that.

However, Rob Ford has done some good things for Toronto. Let's just hope that he can overcome this, totally quit this bad habit and go to rehab and get back on track. Everyone has a breaking/cracking point, could this be Rob Ford's?!

Let's hope for the best for Toronto!

What's your take about this? Forgive or Fire him?

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