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Hi what's up?

Here is my Halloween Outfit part 2.

This outfit I've had for more than 5 years but never ever wore it (boy oh boy I had to squeeze into it and some parts where short eg. sleeves) hehe.

I really liked home depot for some reason (weird, I know). Not sure what it was about that store but it was kind of like candyland to me. I still like it to this day.

Anyways, I wore this to a halloween party and it was a cool vibe, couldn't dance much due to the tight tight outfit but ehh it was worth wearing it!

Two outfits this Halloween, geeeez, my first costume in the previous blog was "Chucky's" girlfiriend. I just made up this character as his girlfriend because, there's no girlfriend that looks similar to Chucky. His actual girlfriend/bride actually has blonde hair and looks different.

Just in case some of you don't know but Chucky is the main character in Child's Play movies. He is that doll with a knife that kills people back in the 90's.

There's a few Chucky (Child's Play) movies, so watch one if you haven't already:

Hope all of you had a great halloween this year with your friends and family!

Take care, Jenny JC

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