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Hi my luvs, 

So thankful on how well the first Jenny JC calendar came out! It was a lot of work and sleeplessness nights. My supporters are the best! However, another edition may not be possible without your help to fund it. Various things have increased in price and as many entrepreneurs such as myself would say "the struggle is real."


Your donation along with my own money, will help with studio costs, photoshoot looks, equipment, behind the scenes production, the overall production and printing of calendars, and other associated costs, etc. to say the least... I will post updates/pics as we go along.

I really hope we can achieve this. I would be so happy if this next one happens! 


Minimum donation is $10 and in CAD currency.

A Paypal window will open, (you do not need a Paypal account) to donate.

When you click the "I want to help" button, you can enter your email as your name so I can send you a personal thank you email or you can type anonymous. 

Depending on your donation tier amounts ($15/$25/$40/$50/$100+)- there will be some cool perks.

Same as last year, portion of the calendar sales will be donated/used to buy items to donate to charity.

Thank you so much in advance!!

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